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Fibo Hotel specializes in serving the needs of organizing conferences, seminars, events and catering to the needs of your guests. With a capacity of up to 90 people, the Fibo Hotel Event Center is a large-scale facility that is equipped with specialized equipment such as screens, projectors and sound systems, microphones; modern support, meeting the needs of organizing seminars, conferences, events of national and international scale. Besides organizing event conferences, Fibo Hotel also serves catering needs, accommodating the delegation with large restaurant with capacity of 100 people serving Vietnamese cuisine.

With reasonable price, enthusiastic staff, friendly, thoughtful, experienced, Fibo Hotel always determine the quality of service is the top standard. Here, the system of rooms consists of 24 spacious rooms, airy, tasteful furnishings, fully equipped facilities: air conditioners, water heater, internet, wifi, fax, …
Come to Fibo Hotel, you will be welcomed by warm, hospitable and reliable service, professional.

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